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Nu-Tech Tile was established in 1990. Since that time we have been providing Austin and the surrounding communities with the highest quality service in tile floor sealing, restoration and maintenance. We have done many commercial projects such as the governors mansion, Frost Tower downtown, Motorola and the "W" residential lobby.

Floors need to be sealed and treated when installed so that they serve the owner well. We use the state of the art sealers and educate the client on maintenance and when to re-seal, etc. Sometimes corners are cut on the sealing process and this is a critical mistake. I have worked on many "new installations" that were sealed improperly and had to be corrected and this is expensive.

Highly Reflective Marble Medallion

Our expertise includes all natural stone including marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, slate and granite. We use diamond abrasives and old school resins to restore the beauty of these stones and the best sealers to provide beauty and functionality.

We are also considered experts of restoration of Saltillo, Spanish terra cotta and De Hanis tiles. There are many options when restoration is needed for these floors and we know them all, including stains and grout coloring to enhance the beauty of these special floor tiles.

Grout is usually the biggest problem for tile floors. First, when newly installed, you need the best sealer and we are constantly researching for the latest and greatest of these. When cleaning is not possible, color staining is the perfect solution, providing consistent color and sealing at the same time.

Our areas of service also include stained concrete, epoxy application and gentle power-washing.

Half the battle of owning these floors is cleaning methods and knowledge about when to re-seal etc. All of our customers are educated in these areas when we are finished with the project

Nu-Tech is family owned with hand-picked seasoned employees. We are insured, reliable and accountable.

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Thank you, Cristy Hansen, owner